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3rd Year Human Packaging Project 2007

March 1, 2009

A group project in our 3rd year Package Design class, which was to make a Packaging for a “human” product so we went with selling “gothic lolitas” since my friend, Zein, had a share in a cosplay tailoring shop (best tailoring service in thailand!)

This box took away our sleep using future board, lots of ply wood, sticker paper, paint, etc…cus itwas

three fragile girls (barf) + old fashioned HAND saw and hard plys of wood= disaster

Created by Zein, Bee, and me

Model:  (Sister) Peppy

Gothic Lolita in a Box

Gothic Lolita in a Box

Me strangling sis and Zein being a yakuza

Me strangling sis and Zein being a yakuza


Sexy Photoshoot: Dark Prince, Delicious Devil, and the Elegant Princess 2008

February 25, 2009


Pshhh…I didn’t do very well on this shoot but since my jujus (Air and Yu) are looking so sexy…especially Haji (MUAHAHA I almost killed him with ugly makeup and fried off his hair) I might as well stick it in to embarrass them…huuhuu the ridiculous poses I make them do…MUAAHAHAHHAHA looks a bit like cosplay though.

THE BLACK AND WHITE PHOTOS are photshopped by talented little kitty, Haji himself (YEY!!! Praise the kitty for talents!) And the one below by my junior, Hee, who is SUPER AWESOME at photoshop…

The theme: A confusing triangle between a princess in disguise (actually with a devilish streak) and the devil in black who is actually sweet and in between them is “THE GUY” (Grim Reaper tame sort of feeling) and I wanted it to feel like two settings, the one in the swimming pool area is more “asian drama” like daily life drama while the dark ones are more gothic and mysterious, almost like another realm.

Models : Yu, Air, and Haji

Does this look like an asian drama or what?

Does this look like an asian drama or what?

And these are the ones my friends took, notice the difference between my sucky nv10 and pro nikons TTATT (more like I suck but blame the camera?XD)

Haji photoshopped by Hee/Haji

Haji photoshopped by Hee Buratino/Haji

Haji photoshopped

Haji photoshopped