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Valentines e440 Squirrel Paper Template

March 23, 2009

Yey, it’s really funny how I received an email from my former professor,Johan the other day about the old  e440 squirrel template I made last last year in his package design class and apparently I checked the e440 website to see my cute squirrel featured for the February Valentines archive post.

For those of you who are going …what is e440? It’s a blank squirrel template that you can print out in your own design. It’s really cool to see the many many designs other people made…

But be sure to check out #43 Squirrel on the e440 blog to see my squirrel of LOVE~

You can even download the template to make it for Valentines day on that link~


I’VE GOT SPAM~ I’VE GOT SPAM! (and not the ham~)

February 25, 2009

WOOHOO!!! I feel important!

I have 2 comments from someone somewhere around the world…

ME…a girl who’s never gotten any attention from anywhere…except the mosquitoes I feed…and they don’t even come if they aren’t hungry. =3=

BUT that’s not it…

No ladies and gentlemen, I HAVE 3 SPAMS!!!

WOOHOO!!! Time to celebrate! You know you’ve made it big when you’ve got SPAM!!!

Actually, hate messages beat that. YOU DEFINATELY KNOW you’ve made it if you get tons of hate messages…I envy you,whoever you are out there with hate messages as replies to your post…YOU’VE TOTALLY MADE IT!!!

If I get my first hate message anytime, I’m going to go out celebrating with a round of fruit punch…