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Valentines e440 Squirrel Paper Template

March 23, 2009

Yey, it’s really funny how I received an email from my former professor,Johan the other day about the old  e440 squirrel template I made last last year in his package design class and apparently I checked the e440 website to see my cute squirrel featured for the February Valentines archive post.

For those of you who are going …what is e440? It’s a blank squirrel template that you can print out in your own design. It’s really cool to see the many many designs other people made…

But be sure to check out #43 Squirrel on the e440 blog to see my squirrel of LOVE~

You can even download the template to make it for Valentines day on that link~


Documation: The Story Summary of “Unwritten”

March 2, 2009

The Story of the Animation

The story begins when an animator leaves their studio and the lights goes out. A mischievous pencil comes out and starts drawing and creating art on a piece of paper. Though after a while, it feels that something is out of place and turns to see that its eraser top is erasing the lines it drew. (The pencil has a personality disorder it seems) Slightly shocked at first, it quickly regains its composure to try to fight with the eraser but it seems that the eraser is oblivious to its message. After getting angry and then giving up, the pencil turns to it and asks the pencil to draw in certain places for it to erase, and thereby creating an amazing piece of art that sends the message that sometimes by accepting every part of one’s self, even what one perceives to be a “flaw” can sometimes serve to create something better as a whole.

The Message

The underlying theme of the story is that there is a yin and yang within a person, dark and light, or opposition of internal conflict but at the end of the day, either you can destroy yourself trying to choose only one part of your being, or you can choose to accept who you are and use it to your advantage and actually fulfill your potential to the fullest of your abilities.

3rd Year Human Packaging Project 2007

March 1, 2009

A group project in our 3rd year Package Design class, which was to make a Packaging for a “human” product so we went with selling “gothic lolitas” since my friend, Zein, had a share in a cosplay tailoring shop (best tailoring service in thailand!)

This box took away our sleep using future board, lots of ply wood, sticker paper, paint, etc…cus itwas

three fragile girls (barf) + old fashioned HAND saw and hard plys of wood= disaster

Created by Zein, Bee, and me

Model:  (Sister) Peppy

Gothic Lolita in a Box

Gothic Lolita in a Box

Me strangling sis and Zein being a yakuza

Me strangling sis and Zein being a yakuza