Spade: Manga Carnival 2006

Spade: Manga Carnival 2006 AKA How I learnt about RGB versus CMYK the hard way…

Originally created this as a mascot for my friend’s japanese comic festival but apparently the comic festival never happened…oh well. XD The concept was to make it look like a blend of “Alice in Wonderland”. Made one with colors and one with mainly yellow…the color one looked ok as I created it in CMYK form and saved as JPEG…only to discover in horror that the color became super bright and shitty when I opened the JPEG…results?

I was like EWW EWW EWWW What is this disgUSTing COLOR I SEE!

You can compare in the gallery below…I uploaded both versions.

Spades in Yellow

Spades in Yellow

Spades in Color

Spades in Color


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