I’VE GOT SPAM~ I’VE GOT SPAM! (and not the ham~)

WOOHOO!!! I feel important!

I have 2 comments from someone somewhere around the world…

ME…a girl who’s never gotten any attention from anywhere…except the mosquitoes I feed…and they don’t even come if they aren’t hungry. =3=

BUT that’s not it…

No ladies and gentlemen, I HAVE 3 SPAMS!!!

WOOHOO!!! Time to celebrate! You know you’ve made it big when you’ve got SPAM!!!

Actually, hate messages beat that. YOU DEFINATELY KNOW you’ve made it if you get tons of hate messages…I envy you,whoever you are out there with hate messages as replies to your post…YOU’VE TOTALLY MADE IT!!!

If I get my first hate message anytime, I’m going to go out celebrating with a round of fruit punch…


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