2008 Spring Semester College of Charleston Advanced Drawing

Hoohoohoohoo, the perks of taking advanced drawing in the US…getting to draw naked people XD…They don’t have this in Bangkok University…though I really think they should. I mean, how can you draw anatomy and form correctly if you don’t get to draw the real thing? Not to mention, a chance to stare at naked people and you get called an “artist” instead of a “pervert” 😀

Skinny dude 30 minutes

Skinny dude 30 minutes


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3 Responses to “I LOVE NAKED PEOPLE!!! NC-17 WARNING”

  1. Nigel Tomm Says:

    Nice drawings. I like them. Super.

  2. Tom Gurney Says:

    Haha, you should get lots of hits, with those tag names! I think the art is nice, of course it is ok to draw or paint naked people, certainly doesn’t make you a pervert 🙂

    • kradsinoda Says:

      Thanks a bunch for the comment hahah even though I don’t think I was really thinking when I was posting the tags and such…must be a freudian slip XD
      Thanks for your support in favor of drawing naked people though…we should start a WE LOVE NAKED PEOPLE association!!!
      Just kidding~ (or am I????)

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