Fransquoiceska~ Zein’s pretty cactus and Anferny, my dead cactus

Fransquoiceska was my friend, Zein’s cactus and we used it as our comic circle brandname and I designed this logo…then we were going to add my own cactus, Anferny (Sadly…Anferny died soon after of dehydration…yesh, I killed a cactus by dehydrating it…TTATT) so there was supposed to be Anferny& Franquoiceska

Group Members (Alias): M.T., C-Cube, Necroz, Reverie, and Zein

Here’s the discontinued link anyways, I could say it’s because everyone was too busy, but I think in truth everyone was too lazy…hmm wait,I think that’s just me, heehee:



Anferny & Franquoiceska

Anferny & Franquoiceska


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